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Israel Cancer Association

Established in 1952, Israel Cancer Association is the leading and largest health-related organization in Israel. ICA receives no government funding, depending entirely upon private donations.

Israel conducts cancer research at a fraction of the cost of comparable research done in the U. S., with fewer restrictions. The science is stellar. The research value, dollar for dollar, is unrivaled.

Cancer research in Israel is at the forefront of science & ICA funded scientists are recognized internationally as a formidable source of scientific innovation. Israeli scientists think like entrepreneurs and continue to have a dramatic global impact on cancer discoveries and tomorrow’s lifesaving treatments.

ICA USA is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization established in Palm Beach, Florida in 1994, with a mission to raise funds for fellowships that support specific advanced cancer research conducted by brilliant Israeli scientists. What makes this arrangement unique is that the funds for these research fellowships go directly to the scientists involved in the research project.

Please join us in supporting a healthier future for generations to come. ICA USA’s brilliant breakthroughs benefit earlier diagnostic methods, life extending therapies, and cancer prevention – worldwide.

Israel Cancer Association website: http://en.cancer.org.il

Having lost a wife to breast cancer, I am committed to finding cures for the diseases that harm and take our loved ones. Israel Cancer Association USA makes every dollar I invest in medical research go further than it could elsewhere.

Arthur E. Benjamin

Executive Vice President, Israel Cancer Association, USA