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Fellowship Funding

MarcelleMachlufPlease help us in our mission to fund fellowships for innovative cancer research in Israel!

Your funding of an ICA Cancer Research Fellowship provides distinguished Israeli scientists with seed money to conduct two years of research at one of Israel’s leading hospitals, universities and institutions. Fellowship donors receive progress reports on the specific research project funded and a summary at its conclusion. Fellowships enable Israeli cancer researchers to achieve significant breakthroughs in the fight against cancer. The cost of cancer research conducted at the 38 Israeli universities and hospitals ICA USA supports is but a fraction of the cost were the same research conducted in the U.S.. Israel has the unlimited ability to do embryonic stem cell research, which most oncologists believe is the greatest hope for a cure.  ICA USA is a major contributor to Israel’s Cord Blood Stem Cell Bank for use in stem cell transplantation, which will create a healthier future for generations to come.

Click this link to download a complete list of the 2019 fellowships available for funding.

To have us contact you about funding a Fellowship, complete the Fellowship Inquiry Contact Form here.

ICA USA is funding a fellowship in Israel on lung cancer research that I will raise money to fund in memory of my Mother, Trudy Katz. Having lost my Mom at a young age to this disease, I appreciate being able to put money directly towards finding a cure.

Gail K. Worth

Director, Israel Cancer Association USA