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Covid-19 Research Developments from Israel

Israel seems to be at the forefront of some innovative developments. Research is paramount in these unprecedented times. Here are some links to potentially promising developments.

13 Promising Covid-19 Treatments

An existing drug may downgrade the Covid-19 threat to a common cold level from a Jerusalem study. A Hebrew University professor says he’s worked out what makes the raging virus so vicious, and how to fix it using an anti-cholesterol med; no human testing is done yet.

A New Test for Covid-19 that is being fast-tracked through the FDA.

Israel Cancer Association USA Earns Coveted 4-Star Rating from Charity Navigator for Third Consecutive Year

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View the Charity Navigator Certificate.

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March 2019 – Israeli researcher Ariel Munitz discovers that white blood cells responsible for chronic asthma and modern allergies — may be used to eliminate malignant colon cancer cells. Read the article here.

News from Israel: Your donations help promote cutting-edge cancer research and treatments!

Thanks to early research Fellowship funding from ICA USA donors and Board Members Nancy and Peter Brown, new research conducted under the direction of Professor Ronit Satchi Fainaro, has led to the development of a probe that makes cancer cells glow, potentially ensuring easier surgical removal of them.

Smart Probe Detecting Cancer Cells May Improve Survival Rates Fluorescent tags of injected polymers are “turned on” by an enzyme over-produced in cancer cells, Tel Aviv University researchers say

Read the full announcement here.

For 60 years, Israel Cancer Association (ICA) has been making a dramatic difference in the lives of individuals touched by cancer. By providing major funding to brilliant cancer scientists in the State of Israel, ICA has advanced cancer research worldwide. Please join in our mission to support innovative cancer breakthroughs. Together we can fund a cure!