Established in 1952, Israel Cancer Association is the leading and largest health-related organization in Israel but receives no government funding, depending entirely upon private donations.

Israel conducts cancer research at a fraction of the cost of comparable research done in the U. S., with fewer restrictions. The science is stellar. The research value, dollar for dollar, is unrivaled.


ICA USA is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization established in Palm Beach, Florida in 1994, with a mission to raise funds for fellowships that support cancer research conducted by brilliant scientists.

Every fellowship dollar is seed money that goes directly to the scientist – not to their institution, and not for our overhead. And every fellowship is dedicated to specific scientific research by specific researchers.


Please join us to continue the global impact ICA USA has on creating a healthier future for generations to come with earlier diagnostic methods, life extending therapies, or cancer prevention.

Your contribution, whether a donation in honor of a family member or friend or funding a 2-year cancer research fellowship for as little as $11,000 annually, will go far toward finding a cure.